How I make coffee

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Coffee. Sweet black nectar of the gods. Here’s how I make it.



Aeropress is set up as standard. Over cup, on a scales with a paper filter.

  1. Set Hario Slim grinder @ 8 clicks. For grind size, see below
  2. Measure 13g coffee. Spray beans with water before grind to avoid static
  3. Grind beans and add to Aeropress
  4. Add boiling water to ~215g weight
  5. Seal the Aeropress with plunger (total weight is now ~300g)
  6. Let sit for 2 minutes
  7. Swirl. Let sit for a further 30 seconds
  8. Plunge with natural pressure. (~30 seconds)
  9. Top-up cup with water if needed. (Total coffee weight usually ends up around 300g)
  10. Enjoy ☕

Grind sizes for Hario Slim

The Hario Slim is a great, affordable hand grinder that I’ve been using almost daily without issue. For an idea on how the grinder settings map to what you are brewing, I use this table:

Type Number of Clicks
Standard Drip Brew 10 clicks
#2 Pour over 10 clicks
Aeropress 6-8 clicks (10 for inverted possibly)
Espresso 5 clicks
French Press 12-14 clicks
Moka pot 9 clicks
Chemex 9 clicks
Grind sizes

This is taken from a good guide here.

The way to measure your grind is by “clicks” away from all the way tight. You’ll feel the nut click as you unscrew, so count the number of clicks. The number of clicks to unscrew should vary based on the brew method you’re using.

James Hoffmann has a great walkthrough of the different methods on his YouTube channel. I would recommend checking it out. What I do here is essentially follow his guide. With this, I can make consistently good coffee that is on par or better than the local coffee shops, all while being much cheaper 👍.


Daniel Flannery